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Steelforg Kft.

4087 Hajdúdorog
Böszörményi út 104.

Tel: 0036 52 572 090





Our machine park

The full capacity of the workshop is circa 50.000 hours a year. Our contracted partners utilize about 80% of this capacity. The remaining 20% is absorbed by not-contracted and individual requests. We are looking for partners for this uncertain 20% (circa 10.000 hours).

The other field, where we would like to enlarge our capacity is the manufacturing of relatively complicated parts in bigger series.

Our machine park:

  • CNC machining centre work space (250x250x400)
    • Chiron FZ25
    • Emco VMC 300
    • Maho MC500
  • CNC turning-machines (passing d: 30)
    • Index G30/150
    • Böhringer
  • CNC surface grinders
    • ELB NC, Megarle CNC
  • General turning-machines
  • General milling machines
  • Tool milling machines
  • Cloak grinders
  • Bore grinders

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